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TURNER CATHERINE ASSOCIATES is a partnership of therapists helping people change their lives through coaching, psychotherapy and education.

Nigel Turner

Nigel works with men who have addiction, anger, emotional and relationship issues.
His style is compassionate and direct.

With a background in addictions, he pursued an interest in men with addictions and relationship problems. He was trained in the Partner Abuse Response (PAR)  Program and works extensively with the courts with mandated clients. He is currently Program Director and lead facilitator of an Anger Management and Abuse program in Toronto.

Nigel understands the male psyche and what a man needs to hear to move forward with solutions to his own problems. He is conscious of the deep reluctance men have in dealing with these issues and the importance of a man discovering for himself what he needs to do. Nigel’s time limited work with the court mandated clients has given him clarity and efficiency in identifying clients’ issues, and in helping them not only find solutions to their problems but to begin to enact necessary changes. The focus is on brief rather than long term therapy. In his work with individual men, through his program WOUNDED WARRIORS, Nigel specializes in issues such as anger, domestic conflict, intimacy and addictions. Nigel gets the men to ask themselves the difficult questions such as: “If I choose to stay in this relationship, what do I have to do?”
He has published articles in Psychologica, a journal of the OACCPP and in the magazine VICES. B.S. (Econ)  H.S.C.  Member OACCPP


Nishe has had a private practice in expressive arts and psychotherapy since 1996. She has also been employed by a family services agency north of Toronto and at a special needs school in Toronto. Nishe has co-facilitated many groups with diverse issues for women, children and university students. The focus of the groups has ranged from ADHD, abuse and PTSD, and addictions. She has been approved as a therapist by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.
Nishe has also co-facilitated a group with Nigel Turner at Just for Today and has facilitated a women’s anger group at the same agency.
In her previous career, Nishe was a corporate Human Resources manager, including a responsibility for training.
Nishe is a graduate of the University of Toronto and ISIS-Canada (International School of Interdisciplinary Studies) where she trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist.

Nishe Catherine
Clients we see:

Services provided to other agencies on a ongoing basis, and commentary

Individuals and couples

  • Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, self esteem, workplace confidence and emotional intelligence. Relationship issues such as parenting, intimacy, separation and divorce, anger and conflict.

Workshops for professionals

  • Who: addiction counselors, workplace supervisors, frontline workers.
  • Our methodology: Individuals: Talk - Identifying the self defeating patterns
  • Enhance you working knowledge of Anger: its pathology, methods to deal with others' anger as well as awareness of your own issues with others' anger, how to best protect your own integrity with angry people.
  • Understanding the pathology
  • Finding solutions
    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    Expressive Arts Therapy

Services provided to other agencies on a ongoing basis, and commentary

Anger management


  • Renascent house: At the Renascent Treatment Program, Nigel works with angry addicted men. In his work with individual men, through his program WOUNDED WARRIORS,
  • Nigel is a senior anger management leader at the Non-profit

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